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Mother's Ring

Posted: April 2, 2009 Category: Jewelry Designs Comments: 2
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This ring was designed with one of my friend’s in mind. She has three children now and wanted a mother’s ring. Unfortunately, she thought her children’s birthstones wouldn’t go well together since they are peridot, blue topaz, and ruby.

Fortunately for her, rubies can be quite pink and pink would look great with her other colors!

Then there is the next problem; there are 3 different stones which makes it impossible to make the ring symmetrical. I tried adding her and her husband’s birthstones in but both of those are amethyst. The color works well, but it doesn’t help with symmetry.
My first thought would be to have a wide band with the stones randomly on the top of the band in bezels. Again, we had another problem; she doesn’t wear big rings.

I thought that this design manages to accomplish everything she wanted without being too big. I used one larger amethyst for the middle to symbolize her and her husband with the smaller stones at the end of wavy cut outs to represent the children.

The band of the ring will still be the most prominent aspect of the design but it is only about 7mm wide. The bezel set stones will add a clean, modern flair to the ring but the colors shouldn’t be too overwhelming so as to make the ring look gaudy.

My friend’s third and last child was born in July 2008. I think she has waited long enough for a mother’s ring so I hope she likes this design so we can move forward with making it for her!

2 Responses to “Mother's Ring”

  1. Jewelryzen
    April 10, 2009
    4:24 pm

    I find the job well designed for a tough task like this. It was nicely arranged despite of the color variances.

  2. Helena Jiang
    July 27, 2009
    12:18 am

    SO nice, as I’ve read your blog entry with regards to the Mother’s Ring, I also thought of a necklace that made of pearls for my ever beloved Grandma…

    I was so inspired with your theme…. Thanks..


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