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Modern Wedding Bands

Posted: March 4, 2011 Category: Jewelry Designs Comments: 0
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A few months ago I made this super sleek and modern pearl engagement ring for a customer.

She loved the ring and he loved working with me so much (or at least that is what I tell myself) that he contacted me a couple weeks ago to see if I could make wedding bands for both of them. No problem, except we only had 2 weeks to finalize design and get the rings to his mother’s house so she could take them to Hawaii for their wedding!

We set to work right away. They wanted rings with the same curve as her engagement ring but she wanted hers a little thicker than her engagement ring band and for him they wanted a suitable thickness for a man. I used the design from her engagement ring and took the curve directly from there so we knew they would match.

He wanted some ideas for her ring with a few simple stones as well as a simple band so I came up with these. (My program did not want to render the pearl in her engagement ring that day so please imagine a pearl.)

They liked the single stone version or the plain version best but also wanted to see the single stone as a sapphire.

For his, they wanted to see either a 5mm width or a 6mm width.

They decided to go plain for her ring and he ended up going to a local jewelry store to try on a 5mm band and a 6mm band before deciding on the 6mm.

The designs were simple, but the pieces turned out gorgeous in palladium!

I got both rings shipped out in plenty of time for his mother to get them and I hope to see pictures from their Hawaiian wedding!!

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