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Gorgeous Cushion Engagement Ring

Some people get engaged and married within a year of meeting each other. Some people date for a couple years, then get married. And then there are those couples that date FOREVER before they get engaged. This piece is for a couple that fits in that last category.

Costume Jewelry, To Wear or Not To Wear

I thought I’d write a quick post about my thoughts on costume jewelry since it is sold everywhere. I think costume jewelry is awesome!

Amber Snake Engagement Ring

I get a lot of really different requests from people, but this piece took the cake.

Classy Diamond and Sapphire Re-mount

I think this is the first actual re-mount that I’ve done even though what I do lends itself so well to them! A re-mount is when a customer decides for whatever reason to take a stone out of a ring they already have, and mount it in a different ring. Pretty simple and a great [...]

Totally Chic Iolite Pendant

I don’t often get to do projects for fun AND profit. This particular piece was made for one of my good friends. Her boyfriend knew she wanted a “Leah Ashley Original” and he wanted to make her dream come true. He gave me a budget and a timeline, and nothing else.

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